Friday, February 15, 2013


Hey, I'm still doing great. Um.. Lets see this week the bigest thing would definitly be my other teacher (he teaches spanish in the nights) named Hermano Cuadra. He's from Chile and then moved to Spain when he was pretty young. He is so funny. He was our first investigater and prettended not to know english. We all (in our district) had heard from other people that the first first investigator becomes your teacher, but Hermano Lebron said that we were on the knew shchedule and this was different than many of the other people we knew. Yeah that wasn't the case. Honestly my teacher is awesome though. He doesn't speak great enlgish but its not that hard to understand him. Quick story on him: He couldn't walk till he was 16 because of multiple tumors in his knees. He had over five surgerys on his knees and then served a mission to the southern most part of Chili at age 18. He didn't have a single problem on him mission. Only after he got back from his mission he needed another two surgerys on his knees. Also, on his mission to Chile he baptized only 2 people. When he first arived there he taught a family of nine, and was transfered the day before thier baptism. He was bumbed about that, but the first person he met in the next place got baptized and then when they went over to his house the day after he wasn't at his house. Turned out that guy completely abandoned his house and never returned. Later in his mission Hermano Cuadra baptized one other boy, Benjamin. At the end of his mission he got a phone call from the person he first baptized who wanted to meet him in the Santiago Temple. Hermano Cuadra said yes, and when he got to the temple the guy wasn't there. Eventually Hermano Cuadra was in the middle of a session and the temple workers pulled him out and asked him to witness a family sealing. Long story short, the family of 9 he first was about to baptize was the next guy that he actually did baptizes family. The boy had ran away from home and once he got baptized he went back to his family and they were sealed as a family. Now, that boy and Benjamin are both serving missions and are currently companions in Ecuador and are Zone Leaders, they did not know eachother in any way before that....

Ok moving on. Elder Harvey is IDENTICAL IN PERSONALITY to Connor Harris. It really is amazing. With just about every aspect I've decided that he is Connor Harris, in sort of a David Ensico mix of a wrestler style to him. He's still awesome and we still don't have any problems (well that I know of).

We can keep up a 40 minute conversation in spanish. Not good spanish, but spanish. It's coming a long pretty quick and I'm almost caught up to what I was in tenth grade spanish.

I think I know why Dallin was my roomate. He taught me the importance of a long sincere personal prayer every night and morning. From the begining I've been in a good habit of that because of him.

So we got a new district in this week. Nothing to special. Oh.. there are six Elders and six Sisters, all going to Argentina. Thats a crazy even ratio. The only district even close to that in my zone is my district with six Elders and fivee Sisters. A decent amount of them are from Cali and Utah (usual). I did learn though that one of them was friends of Preston Richards friends. So that was cool. Um... Yeah I don't know them very well yet, give me more time for more info on them.

Our Branch Presiden't told us something interesting this week. He said that he has been working here for over two years now and we are THE STRONGEST district he has had in his entire time being here. Because of that, it is our third week here and every major assignment from the zone has been issued to our district. The Zone Leaders are from us, the Sacrament Coordinators, the Coordinating Sister, the Choirister and the music director for sacrament all are being assigned to our district. Not one other assignment will be from another district for a while... So yeah thats cool...

Beside thats I'm doing good still. I'm sending more info in letters, I only get limited time here on the Computer.

Keep sending me letters and updates. I want to hear from people.

Thanks See Ya!

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