Friday, February 22, 2013

3 weeks down.. 3 to go!


Hey, yeah quite a bit happened this week, but it is all very similar to last week and the week before because we are on the same schedule. The language is coming a long, I can speak in straight Spanish for a forty minute lesson if I need to. Most of the time we do one set of 25-30 minute lessons each day of the week. We teach our teachers who act as a real investigator did for them and we have to try to talk to them and figure out whats going on in their life and find out how the gospel can apply in their life.

Um.. Our two "oldest" districts just left. Both of these districts were part of the "old" system and were here for 9 weeks rather than just six. So now everyone here is part of the new 6 weeks system. We have another new district this week. They are all going to Mexico and one of them I went to Junior High with. Garret Christiansen is in the new district! Also someone that went to Provo High is in that district but I didn't know him before.

We got knew assignments for the branch and everything since the old ones left. Even though there is a group older than us EVERY SINGLE BRANCH assignment there can be is now coming from our branch. From the 6 Elders there are 2 Zone Leaders, 1 District Leader, and me and Elder Harvey are the Sacrament coordinator. From the 5 Sister's there is 1 Music director, 1 coordinating sister and 1 hyme chooser... Um yeah, so its cool that everything came from our district I guess...

Update on headaches and such... I ended up going to the doc. because the weekend was really rough for me head. I got two semi-bad headaches a day. We talked and I explained everything that goes a long with it. Pretty much he said the feild shouldn't be as bad for headaches because I won't be as seriously dedicated to just learning a language once I get most of it down and I won't be studying like I am in the MTC. So he said he just needs to get me through the MTC. So he gave me benadrylles to "help" me sleep. He said maybe if I get good sleep it will lessen the intensity and frequency of the problems. Personly I notice no difference in my sleeping. I still wake up at consistent times in the night 2 and 5. It really is like consitent that i will wake up within 10 minutes of both of those times so thats a little weird. We'lll see if anything works though.

Yeah, it doesn't even feel like half way or anything. I seriously swear we just had P-day and I just wrote an email home. Sorry but I don't know what else to put in this! haha. Seriously the days are going by so fast. Every day that we finish I think back to the morning like it just started but everytime I think back to the day before it feels like forever ago.

I'm still doing good! Keep writing to me, its awesome to get letters at the end of the day when all is said and done. Thanks See ya!

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