Friday, March 1, 2013

Another E-Mail!

Hey, I'm still doing good here! Its so crazy that time is moving so dang fast. Um biggest things of the week here they come!

M. Russell Ballard: For the Tuesday night devotional rumors started spreading that it was going to be a general authority. My zone is "known" for going early to get good seats. So after dinner we went straight over to the doors after getting our jackets to wait outside. We waited 2 hours outside studying flashcards just to get in and get good seats. Haha it was worth it though cause we got 3rd row back from the very front! The very first row is reserved for family and we were just two rows behind them and dead in the center. So that waiting time was so worth it when M. Russell Ballard showed up and spoke! It was unreal!

New Teacher: We don't know why, even our teacher doesn't know why. But our teacher Hermano Cuadra is getting transferred to a new district a week before we move out! It's super unordinary and odd and we are all mad about it. But we can't do anything about it. So were getting a pic with him tonight as tonight is his last night teaching us.
Six lessons a day: We teach six lessons a day to "investigators" in Spanish now. All of them are 20 min to 30 min lessons and we have to plan for each one so its crazy packed with planning and studying. I mean its hard but at the same time I'm getting better and better and teaching and at Spanish so I'm excited about that too.

Hosting: Holy crap I was stoked today when I figured out that I was going to be hosting last week! I didn't know for sure but I figured Drew and Connor might be coming. So I was "supposed" to be greeting the "early" arrivals. But it was just a big approximate number so I went outside of the curb to greet the new missionaries coming by car. I had been standing outside for twenty - thirty minutes just letting more and more Elders get welcomed by other people. Then out of no where I heard Drew's mom yelling my name and turned and saw them pulling up! So I ran down there and was the HOST for welcoming Drew! It was surreal and just so odd that I was the one hosting now rather than being the one that was saying goodbye. It still doesn't feel that normal yet. Then after I had shown drew around and got him all of his stuff I went back to the curb. As I was talking with Austin and Mak I heard Connor yell out to Chris Brunst and then me and Austin flew over there and when he saw us he screamed too. So we caused a jam of all the missionaries coming since all of Connors family came out of the car and then with us four all there talking. Haha it was so funny. Again though it was crazy surreal and just doesn't seem right that I've actually been out that long to be hosting him. Technically only one missionary is supposed to host a person but me and Austin "double" hosted Connor. We just both walked around and showed him stuff. Its crazy that they are both here now.

Travel Plans: WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS ON THURSDAY! I leave for the airport Tuesday March 12th at 5 in the morning. My flight leaves at 8:32am. and I get to the Orange County airport at 9:30... Its a rough flight. I don't know how I'm going to make it that long. I think I get a chance to call before and or after the flight (I'm not positive which) to let you know that I'm safe and all is well. So I'll be calling that morning from the airport with the prepaid phone card some time between like 6:00 and 7:30 probably or when I land but I'm not positive when I'll get to call for that one. Its not a long call, I think the max time is like four minutes. Um yeah other than that I realized just how much this was actually happening when I got my travel plans. Like I realized that I'll be out in the field possibly teaching an actual lesson in like 2 weeks.

See ya! keep me updated on whats going on. Letters are amazing to get.
Elder Carson Richards

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