Monday, April 1, 2013

Third Week In The Field!

Hey All,
So the I'm way surprised its actually week three already. The days are moving. Its weird. Every day is full of stuff, like really there is so much in every day but its strange because everyday goes by super fast too. Ha. Man I thought the MTC times were messed up. Ah well.

Um... Yeah here's the highlights from this week.

"Stud:" Hermano Molina. Haha this guy is awesome. He is in our Spanish speaking ward. And one day when one of the members were feeding us he showed up and he asked us how we were doing and we were just having small talk. Within like 2 minutes he stops and starts giving us this huge lecture about what to say if we talk to any Jehovah's Witnesses or other people like that. Hes showing us all these things in the bible and translations from Spanish to English and stuff. Oh my word it was funny. He was so passionate about it. I don't know what else to say other than it was just hilarious to sit there as he was talking to us about all of this. Some (most) of his lectures were in English and only worked in English because the translation to Spanish made the meaning insignificant so he told us only to use that for English.... Good thing I'm a Spanish speaking missionary in a Spanish speaking stake? Haha

Talk: Ha well I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday! Easter Sunday and he assigns me the talk... a whooping 1 day in advanced... Ha so I had like no time to actually prepare it. It was on Jesus' Earthly Ministry. 3 of the nine of us missionaries spoke for the entire sacrament meeting. Me, Elder Gallego (has been here 8 months) and Hermana Biffith (has been here 5 months)..... Ha needless to say mine was the shortest and most broken of the Spanish for sure. Ah well it went all right. Afterward this Hermana came up to me afterward and said she was from Eagle Mountain, then thanked me for saying something she had never realized before and said that it really helped! So that was good! Ha I'm surprised she could understand it from my broken bit of Spanish. Um... yeah that's about it for that.

Language: Spanish is still coming. I'm saying more and more in lessons, particularly the lessons that we teach repeated times. I still can't do to much small talk but I am getting better and better with Gospel related stuff. My bishop speaks crazy fast and I'm actually starting to be able to understand parts of the sentences that he says. Everyone says I'm learning really quick for only being in the MTC for 6 weeks. We (my district ((Me, Elder Harvey, Hermana's Morley, Witham, Byon, and Holzer))) are the first group of six weekers to come out here so who knows what that really means ;)... Ha but yeah whats rough is everyone in my district like to mess with me and Hermana Morley since were the new ones here. We will ask how to say things and someone will respond but then you can see they're all trying to hold break from breaking out in laughter. Turns out just last week when we asked how to say Easter they told us Halloween or something like that. Also they will mispronounce words for us. They say them with the worst accents. Those I can tell are wrong, but its still so hard to pronounce them right when all your hearing is it being said wrong. Haha its so annoying but at least it adds some humor into it all.

Facebook: They asked us to get on Facebook last week so that we could like an Easter thing and Share it. Haha so they gave such strict instructions of not goofing off or looking at anything else on it and you had to have your companion right there watching you. But my oh my it was funny. We were all like shaking as we were logging on and like freaked out and jerked trying to get through it fast without seeing something we shouldn't/didn't want to that would make us home sick. Haha it was so funny. It really felt like we were such terrible people for logging onto Facebook.

Investigators: We found two investigators this week that are so Golden. The mom had cancer about two weeks ago and hours before her operation she had tons of churches come over and pray for her. And she said time after time she felt no different. Finally the bishopric in the ward went over and gave her a blessing. (She's not LDS but one of the members in the bishopric knows her). She said immediately after the blessing she was immensely calm that everything would be alright. She had the surgery and everything went fine. The Bishop told us about her and we visited her and her daughter. After our first lesson we invited them to baptism and they said yes. Then we gave them a book of Mormon and they said they'd read.... Awesome... Late one night we were riding back and ET decides that we should make a quick stop and see how they are doing. We knocked on the door and they answered it way fast. Turns out those two and another son in their family were sitting around the table taking turns reading from the book of Mormon when we knocked on the door... As I'm now learning, that never happens. Haha so we were so excited about that. We have another lesson with them tonight so hopefully it continues to go well.

Food: This week I had my first dish that I really had to fight get down. I'm not sure I've eaten many less cooked mushrooms in my entire life.. Haha that was rough... Other than that we still get fed every night so that's been quite a blessing I have here. Most of them are fantastic meals too.
Um.. Yeah that's the gyste of it... Other than that a lot of biking, riding, appointments falling through, lessons taught... You know.. Typical missionary life... Haha like I said time is the weirdest thing here. I feel like I just barely got out into the field and this is already the third week. I know there's a lot more to go but it still is wild I'm already half way through my first transfer!
Keep writing! Its awesome to hear from everyone. Hope everything is going well back home. I'll write letters soon. Les amo.
Elder Richards

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