Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend!



Hey, hows everything going? Just read all the emails and it sounds like its all going good so far. So that's awesome to hear.

Highlights from this week:

Stud: Timoteo , he is a hermano in the ward that is the Elders Quorum President. He has two kids on missions (son and daughter). So he feels "obligated" to help us out. He fed us twice this week. One of our appointments fell through and somehow he heard about it and told us to come over again. He's got a narly story. He hitch hiked to California from Peru. Him, his wife and three of his kids all came with him. Once he made it there he somehow got a job and then he was introduced to the gospel through his wife's friend I believe. He's been a member ever since. Anyway hes just an absolute stud. He helps us with tons, he's super smart, feeds us when he can even when we say its OK and no. Ha

Language: I can still see improvement every single day. I know there is TONS more that I need to learn, but really every day I'm thinking (wow I didn't know how to say that before) or just learning from whats been going on. We were talking with Luis (15 year old) in English one time and I said two or three words in Spanish completely by accident. Also I'm actually beginning to like some Spanish phrases to greet people and say goodbye more than English. (sorry I'm going over to the dark side) but some ways they say those are just so cool and don't really translate into English. So that's nice.

Conference: Man it was great. Ha we watched Saturday in English and Sunday with the ward in Spanish.... yeah I didn't understand like anything Sunday. I got the main big ideas but that is literally it. Ha but President Packers poem was so dang good!! It started it off and it was just awesome, I'm sooo glad I got to hear that in English. Man I wish everyday was conference, there is just so dang much we learn from them every time.

Blessing: Well I gave my first blessing this week! This guy was feeling sick and super worried about school. Elder Tidwell offered him a blessing, he immediately accepted it. Haha so Elder Tidwell did the anointing and made me do the blessing part. Luckily the guy speaks as much English as Spanish so I said it in English. All is well that ends well right? That was just a couple days ago and we haven't seen him quite yet so hopefully.

Sicknesses: So there's got to be some sickness going around. Elder Gallego, Me, Hermanas Biffeth, Minert, and Rowlings all have gotten sick just in our district now. Hermana Rowlings started crying of pain (really she started crying with tears and all) during the Saturday morning session. So we all left and gave her a blessing and then she was completely fine by the afternoon session. Awesome.

Missionary Bottle Bombed: So me and ET were doing weekly planing. We went outside into like this medium lobby thing. Like 30 min through a water bottle gets thrown at us from one of the windows. It had a not in it. We looked at it and it was written on it like "get the message you dang Mormons"... Haha there were a bunch of things circled and it said "come to room 519 for a treat" haha turns out it was another set of missionaries. They are the Zone Leaders for the English Young Single Adult ward. Haha so they are so chill. The one guy is black as night. He is so sweet. So they gave us some cake that a member gave them.

Well that's mainly all the highlights. Things are still going good. Elder Tidwell and I still get a long good and the rest of my district is so sweet too. Ha for our zone activity today we are going Laser Tagging.. Apparently a member gave us a ton of free tickets. So yeah, I don't know what more there is... The days just go by so fast. It still doesn't feel like its a month out already. I feel so dang new still. Spanish is already starting to mess with my English. I have a hard time talking about some gospel things in English. Ha my praying in English is the worst now.

Well I'm off for today. Thanks. Adios.

Elder Richards

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