Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Temple Trip.

Hey, whats up? First things first. This week we went to the Temple in Newport! So that's why I didn't email today. P-day was moved to Tuesday. So yeah. The temple was sick. That's about it.

OK highlights for the week:

Exchanges: Me and Elder Gallego did exchanges on Tuesday. He has a heart condition and is in a car so I went with a car while our district leader went with my companion. Let me just say I am sooooo glad I'm on a bike. The car just felt like it was a big home teaching assignment. It wasn't a freaking missionary day. It was just a home teaching assignment. Don't get me wrong, the day went well and Elder Gallego is so sick. But it just didn't feel like being an actual missionary cause we just drove from place to place.

Studs: These little five year old kids. One of our investigators has little like 3 ,4, 5 year old kids. We showed up but were locked out of the place. They saw us and ran up to us and let us in, then showed us where her mom moved and just other stuff. Haha they are way sweet. We've convinced them that we don't know English so they only speak in Spanish to us and they try to teach us English so its pretty funny.

Singing: First things first. The Spanish ward I'm in SUCKS at singing. I don't know if its the ward or the culture, I doubt its the latter. But holy cow our ward is so dang bad at singing. Me and Hermana Morely (since were the only ones not used to it) seriously started cracking up and had to keep from stopping laughing in the middle of sacrament. With that though, we showed up at a members house for dinner, but turns out her brother died and she got the news like 15-20 mins before we showed up. So she was crying like crazy the whole time. So Elder Tidwell asks if we can sing some hims. Me and Elder Tidwell sang four hymns to her in Spanish to her, her friend (our investigator) and her son. That was something. Apparently it really helped though. She was OK by the end of them and she was sweet.

Ups & Downs: So one day, during the afternoon we were going to our appointments and like 3 of them fell through and two people told us to stop coming. We got chewed out by a Jehovah's Witness. Like that was bad (not depressing) ((just not productive day)). But that very night after having a lunch/dinner at a members house. We had like three people wave us down. One person accept a baptismal date, met an inactive that wants to go back to church. Like everything flipped around. Haha its funny. I've learned that you really just do the work and leave it up to the people to accept it or leave it.

Members: We have about 200 people baptized into our ward. 70 or so are active. So 130 inactive. We have four areas in our ward and so that should be about 40 people per area but my area has about 60. Almost half. And of those sixty only like 10 are active. So we really just ride from inactive members house to inactive members house, teach them, reinvigorate them, ask for referrals and then move on. So we are always busy and I have only knocked a grand total of like 5 doors still. Ha the inactive members have given us SWEET investigators too. So that's the way to do it.

Food: Ha I've been eating some gnarly stuff. Some meals are freaking straight from Mexico and so weird. But a couple members have fixed us like KFC. Ha there's no way to guess.

Haha I don't know what else there is to put. The ward is fantastic. They feed us just about every night, they come with us to lessons when they can, they work with me on my Spanish (for the ones that know English), like really they are awesome. Still doing good. Only complaint about my companion is he chews with his mouth open. Haha Yeah now I'm really out of things to say. I know I forgot stuff though so it will be in next weeks email or letter. So yeah.....

So we are supposed to be home by 9:00 every night and 9:30 at the latest. Well one night we were biking home cause we just finished a lesson at 9:26. We're going over this freeway and a car stops in the middle of traffic and asks us if we want a ride. We say no and they don't accept that and tell us to wait for them at this gas station. So we rolled with it. We ended up putting out bikes on top of their SUV. He had is three daughters take off their Jackets to help tie our bikes down. He took off his belt. We used both of our bike locks. Like it was improvised hardcore. Haha it was this family that had just gotten baptized like 2 weeks ago. And their missionaries are the Assistants to the Presidents. So when we got to the mission office one day the APs pulled us aside and asked us why we were out so late one night. We were confused and they acted like they were super mad at us only ending to say, "If I get to see the picture you took your off the hook." Haha so yeah after they took us back we got a picture with them. I'll send the picture of that soon. This week we don't have an adapter. Haha it was so freaking funny.

Until Later!

Elder Richards

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