Monday, April 22, 2013

Transfer Over!




Alrighty lets see here this week this week:

Uh.. I'll just get straight to highlights: (cause that was all that was important)

Stud: Hermano Pinzon. Haha this guy is like 71 and has a 16 year old daughter (still not sure if it's an actual granddaughter or not but he calls her his hija and she calls him her padre) but they are the only two members in their family here. The rest of their family lives in Columbia. He converted to the church like 10 years ago when he and his daughter moved to USA. Before that he lived in Italy for a year, Austria for 8 months, Spain for 11 months, France for about 3 months and Germany for over a year. He said no specific reason, just him and his friends when they were younger would go and just live in random places. He said he still plans on visiting Brazil and Singapore before he dies. Anyway he makes dang good food and loves inviting us over for dinner.

Food: Well I tried an Orange and actually liked it for the first time :) Haha other than that I'm still getting more and more used to this mexican food. Some entrees are so dang good.

Language: Aqui, no mas. Todavilla viene. Haha its coming, nothing special to report there. I can tell I can say more and more everyday but at the same time I know there is more I could do if I actually tried to learn it faster.

Transfers!: Thats the big knews for the week. So my old District consisted of Me and Elder Tidwell (1 transfer left then "ET goes home"), Elder Gallego (6 months ahead of me) and Elder Tueller (Disctrict Leader with 2 transfers left), Hermana Biffath (started mission same time as me, but mom is Argentinan so she pretty much more or less knows spanish) and Hermana Minert (only has like 10 months left), and then Hermana Morley (same as me, in my district in MTC) Hermana Rowlings (started mission same time as me but took 12 years of Spanish so can pretty much speak it) and Hermana Layton (only has 2 transfers left), then we got another Hermana. She tore her ACL playing soccer and had to go home from her mission for 4 months. She is the ONLY PERSON that has gone home and returned to the mission for this mission for the past 2 years. So she's a tough one to get rid of.. Anyway.. so that was our old district. Well with transfers we lost Elder Tueller, Hermana Minert and Hermana Layton. In other words ALL OF OUR EXPERIENCED PEOPLE other than Elder Tidwell (who goes home next transfer). Also.. I feel so bad for the Hermanas. Hermana Rowlings and Biffath are both training knew missionaries that are coming in and they have only been out in the field for 9 weeks. 9 weeks and they are training new missionaries! Haha its wild. So our ward is going to have me, and all the Hermana's that have been on a mission for less than 3 months. All the missionaries in the ward except for 3 are still super new... Haha we'll see how this goes..

Mormon Helping Hands: The missionaries were allowed to do Mormon helping hands. So we did that Saturday from 7::30-1:30... I got to see the other people from my MTC district and met most of the other Spanish missionaries so that was cool!

Work: The work is more of working with the ward members to get their home teaching done. We have 37 or so inactive members in the ward so we are deciding to focus on getting them active again and then through them trying to find someone to become an investigator. So its pretty much a massive coordinating effort of home teaching and then me and Elder Tidwell just go with anyone that is still a home teacher but couldn't visit their family yet so that they can get in the habit of doing that and keep the members active. That's a summery of it. I sent more in a letter that should be there by like Thursday.

Yeah. All is well. Haha I put a lot of info in a letter I'm about to send. So yeah..

Till next time!

Elder Richards

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