Monday, April 29, 2013

3 Month Mark!

Hey how's it going? OK so I'm apologizing up front. Don't get me wrong. I'm still doing just great. But the week was fairly repetitive. Meetings to improve how were doing as a district. Lots of meetings with less actives to get them coming back to church. And working with the Elder Quorum President to get Home Teaching done every week. Nothing to special. Haha on to highlights though.
Studs: Bishopric. The Bishop and his second counselor gave all the talks this last Sunday and pretty much chastised the ward for not giving us referrals, not doing their home teaching, not offering to come with us to meetings, stuff like that. Cause apparently this ward hasn't gotten a baptism this year yet and there are some wards in Costa Mesa that got seven in just the last month. He pretty much said its not the missionaries faults. Its our faults. And explained that the missionaries are essentially helps to the ward and then said "I have 100% confidence in every single one of the missionaries in our ward, lets take advantage of them while we can." So we had a lot of members coming up to us these past couple days to help us.
Language: Mira, aqui. Haha there's not much to report. It comes, I can tell that everyday I'm improving honestly but I can also tell there is just so dang much to learn to learn a language. I have gotten a couple compliments from the members though saying they can tell I'm speaking more too. So that's cool.
Knocking: During an exchange with our new district leader I did my first bit of serious knocking. We were in his area and his companion has to have the car because of a heart issue and since we are both new to the area we just knocked for a while as he taught me rules in Spanish. It was good. He's not as lively as our other District Leader but man does he know how to get things done with the members. Its pretty much because of him the bishop gave that speech. Apparently he was the old District leader of Costa Mesa. Before he came there they had 1 baptism in eight months. In his 3 transfers there there was 13 baptisms and 7 came in this last month or two with no sign of slowing down. I think he'll do the same thing here. He's a stud on a mission to get things done so that we won't have to knock doors anymore.
President Bowen: I went to the mission home this week because Elder Tidwell needed an interview. Man our mission President is a stud. He is so awesome. He showed us around his house and offered us treats. Thanked each of us personally for being out here. Showed us the Transfer board and he knew like every person by name and details about them. Plus, our mission is the 2nd smallest proselyting mission in the world (or so I'm told) and its only getting smaller when we lose Irvine and it becomes its own mission. So we lose about 40 missionaries because of that. And then we get about 80 more missionaries because of the change they are allowing more missionaries per area. So there are going to be so many freaking missionaries in just such a tiny area. Seriously I don't go a day without seeing a set of random missionaries somewhere from the English program.
So yeah that's everything cool for this week. Nothing super special. We have one investigator named Maria that seems pretty solid. No baptismal date yet but we meet with her like 3 times a week and she doesn't ever just not show up. So that's awesome. She's just kind of nervous about making changes in her life. So were just taking it slow with her. Other than that still doing good.
Elder Richards

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