Monday, May 6, 2013

Tiny Little Email(:

Hey hows life,
Alrighty this week not a lot happened honestly because we just had tons of meetings. Kinda sucked.. But on to the highlights:
Stud: Hermano y Hermana Sanchez. They are a family that are just studs. I think I wrote about them a couple weeks ago but they invited us over to eat again so we talked to them. They always call us Hermanitos ("little brother" or something like that) and talk about their kids on missions and stuff. Yeah they are just sweet, they think its the funniest thing how I'm still learning Spanish so every time we eat with them they like to test me out and then they correct me. Its good. No complaints.
Week: Even with all the meetings we had, we still had one of the best and most productive weeks we've had yet. We had a lot of lessons and new investigators that seem pretty solid.
Berenice: She isn't a member, her husband is inactive. They have a son who is autistic. He's like 2, maybe 3. So we visited them one time to meet them. When we were their they asked if we could give their son a blessing. We did so and about two weeks later we came back. Turns out their son has made a miraculous turn around and is now starting to speak and they are taking him back to the doctor to see if he really does have autism. We started having a lesson with them and talking and like part of the way through she asked if we were "healers" and if we had power. We explained we weren't "healers" but then explained the priesthood and about Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Ghost. She absolutely loved it and like half way through she asked what we do during church and if she was aloud to come. So that was sweet! She should be coming this week and her husband said he's going to ask for work off this Sunday to come with her.
Yeah honestly that's all the important stuff. Haha I feel bad these letters are already getting this short like that :( but really its just kinda like that. Ask any Qs and I'll answer but other than that I don't know what to include. Things are still going good. No issues here!
Elder Richards

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