Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend.

Aubrey here. So sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks! Carson got to call on Mothers Day which was so nice. He is such a rule follower... so the first call was only 40 minutes then he said that was all the time they were allowed and so he had to go. It was so, so good to hear his voice. I of coarse broke down in tears the second we started to talk to him individually.. so it was a really sad way to end the call. However a few hours later, I get this call on my cell phone... from Santa Ana, California. Apparently his mission president didn't give them a time limit:)  I seriously could not believe it! Parker and I were actually on a jeep ride when he called so we both got to talk to him for about 15 minutes each and then by the time we got home my parents just got a few more minutes:) But I was so thankful he got to call back and we could here his voice.
Anyways! He didn't send us a group email the next day since he already talked to us, and was super short on time. However in the phone call he mentioned that he had his first major bike crash! Haha. He was fine but ripped up his clothes a little and was pretty sore! But overall he is doing so good. He loves it out there and said that he really was doing the Lords Work.
He also said he loves to get letters and here from everyone so if you haven't wrote him in awhile please, please do! Thanks for reading... And I promise I will do better at updating!

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