Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ward's First Baptism!

{ No pictures for this email either.. :( Also since tomorrow is Memorial Day we don't think he is going to be able to email us but if he does, I will for sure post it. Sorry! }
Hey. I'll just skip straight to the highlights,
Stud (s): Familia Morales. They are a less active family we didn't even know exists. The Mom and her sister are both members and have crazy strong testimonies but just got out of the habit of going to church. The daughter (16) named Zeltzin got baptized like 2 years ago but recently stopped going. And the daughter (10) Yamile hasn't been baptized cause the whole family stopped going. So we found them somehow (not at church, they haven't been in over 9 months) They offered to feed us like the next day. As we were talking to them and discovered that Yamile wasn't baptized we asked if we could come over often to teach Yamile and they said yes. Long story short we now have two dinner appointments a week with them.
Language: I actually understood like 75% of church! I could follow most of what was said! So that was cool.
Blessing: Hermana Rollins got sick the other day and so we had to like beg her to let us bless her. She doesn't ever want to accept help from anyone and is always trying to help people out so she didn't want to accept help. She finally let us and when the four of us showed up we asked her who she wanted to do it and she said me and Elder Tidwell. So that was cool. Also I didn't even know the words to do it in English so I just did it in Spanish.
Birthday: Elder Tidwell's birthday was this week. So we celebrated by turning the temperature in our apartment down to 50 degrees (the lowest it ever got was 59 even when leaving it on all night practically)... haha He's going back to Arizona soon and is just going to bake in the sun. So he enjoyed the break from the heat.
Baptism: Our ward had 2 baptisms this week! So that was awesome. Neither of them were mine but it was still fantastic that the ward is progressing. They are both awesome people too.
Quote: "shut your mouth" by: Elder Parkinson. Haha we were in the middle of a conversation on exchanges and I saw this car drive by and I said it was a cool car. He kept talking and then in a delayed reaction said "shut your mouth" as if insulted. haha turns out that's the one type of car he doesn't like. haha we busted up laughing for so long on that.
Lesson I've learned this week: So I'm learning to accept compliments from people. I used to hate getting compliments but now I've learned just to accept any compliment people say with a genuine thanks for the compliment. Everything just goes down better. Cause I used to just always be like saying "no it wasn't that good" or something but then its just an awkward "yes it was" and then "no it wasn't" but if you just accept it with a genuine "thank you that means a lot" or something like that everything just goes down better.
So yeah, that's the gist of it this week. Everything is still going good. Elder Tidwell leaves in two weeks so its getting surreal for him. Nothing to special to report other than that!
See ya!
Elder Richards

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