Friday, May 31, 2013

End Of Training!

Hey, this week was good. Here's the highlights,
Stud: Elder Tidwell. He's my companion and he leaves next week!!! Its over for him pretty much. But he is still going as strong as ever. He hates the fact that he's going to leave soon and keeps wishing he could stay here in this ward to see it blow up.
Language: Good. I'm understanding most of what is said during church. If I don't understand it word for word then I know the gyst and what they are talking about.
Food: We get fed like everyday! One day on Tuesday and today we have 3 meals with investigators and less actives planned. One is at 1, the next is at 4:30 the next is at 6. I'm going to gain so much weight every Tuesday.
Quote: Para que les voy a mentir (why am I going to lie to you two). We get so many people saying that to us to tell us that they didn't read. Haha it kinda sucks but its so dang funny to hear in Spanish and actually understand what they are saying.
Disneyland: Ha so we do 30 min of exercise every day and one day me and Elder Tidwell just decided to run to Disneyland and see how far we could make it before we needed to turn back. Well... We didn't turn back. Ha we made it all the way to Disneyland, strolled around Downtown Disney, bought Funnel Cakes and then ran back to join our District for our P-day activity. It was the funniest thing. When we told our district why we were so tired they just busted up laughing and didn't believe us. I have pictures to prove it though.
Helotada:We had this activity for the holiday that every Spanish ward in the stake (9 wards) get together and have a massive barbecue and what not. So we as missionaries got permission to go to it. So we went there, ate with all our wards, played soccer with the kids/adults and in general just had fun. It was a blast.
So yeah that's the main highlights. I'm still doing good, the week went fast as usual, Spanish is coming. We have so many people that we are working with for reactivation its amazing. They are all so dang close. Its going to be crazy to see when they all finally start coming back. I'm stoked for that moment. District is still sweet. We have weekly district Spanish practices because me and the other 5 sisters are all super new. So the other three elders teach us in the church in like a sit down class setting and we work and practice certain principals about once a week. Yeah all is well.
Final thought: "Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil; our great hope lies in developing the good." #CalvinCoolidge
Elder Richards

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