Monday, June 3, 2013

Transfer Week!

So we had a solid week this week! It was our last week of the transfer and here's whats up,
Studs: 1) Elder Tidwell, hes going home this week! (actually tomorrow) Even with that, he honestly still isn't even trunky. He's like willing to go out and work, hes mad he won't be able to see anyone he worked hard and strong right up until the end. He honestly has been such a stud and such a good trainer. Which brings me to stud #2 2) Elder Contreras, hes my new companion and actually he's the new district leader in the area. He is so chill, I already knew him cause he was in my zone before this but he is so cool. Honestly no complaints at all about him from what I knew of him before and what I know of him now (being my new companion). He's.. I really don't know how to describe him, but its a good thing! Hes sweet.
Church: We had 3 separate investigators all show up to church on Sunday. They all came, they all liked it. So that was awesome. Also a bunch of the less actives we have been working with came to church too.
Transfers:Elder Tidwell leaves (home), Elder Parkinson leaves (zone leader) and Elder Contreras comes in (my companion, new district leader) and Elder Garza is Elder Gallego's new companion. All the Hermanas stayed the same. We're still in the Anaheim 11 ward. All Spanish.
Spanish: It continues to come. I was able to speak "quick conversations" this Sunday. Like just short quick question and answers to people. No complaints about how all is going.
Quote: "Action might not always bring happiness but nothing ever comes without action."
So yeah. Haha that's getting smaller and smaller every week. Over all still a good week! I'm finishing training so that will mean I will actually get more time to work everyday now. So hopefully we will actually be able to stay on top of what we are doing. Yeah I've been so dang lucky with companions. Elder Tidwell was fantastic and I'm stoked for Elder Contreras. He's the new district leader and I'm expecting this to be the last push we need to start getting things to blow up. It should be fantastic.
I'm still doing good. No issues at all. See ya soon!
Elder Richards

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