Monday, June 10, 2013

New Companion!

Hey, first things first all is awesome here, ha here's the highlights,
Stud: Elder Contreras. My new comp. He is such a stud. He gained 40 pounds right when he came out on his mission and since then he has been working freaking hard to lose it and be healthy. We get up every day at 6 and go running for 45 minutes! Hahaha I'm even loosing weight. I think part of his trick though is he also eats like almost nothing when I'm still hungry all the time so I eat a bunch so I'm not losing as much weight as he is. He has taught me a lot these past couple days. We get a long so well. Hes... Hm I don't know how to describe him.. Hes sweet I'll leave it at that. And he's influencing me to eat healthier even still.
Language: I lead out the area and all the lessons we had and all the leads for working with the members this week. So I had to take some serious initiative with the language and stuff and its going good. I  am not perfect obviously but the people understand I'm learning and they understand the point I am trying to get across and then Elder Contreras always has my back so all is well.
Bike issues: We had 3 flat tires, a ruptured outer tread part on the tire, busted breaks and tune ups needed all within 3 days. These all happened during the middle of the day when we were out riding and didn't have the tools with us to fix it on the spot so we had to change appointments call members that knew how to work on bikes and walk back. Haha it was so funny. So our lessons this week were not the best. :( but all is well now! We are carrying the tools with us and everything from now on. Haha man it was a fiasco. Were just waiting for that blessing that comes from working through all that. Haha man it was funny.
Knocking: So Elder Contreras really likes knocking doors rather than begging and pleading for an investigator to read for once. So we knocked a lot this week and I actually like it too! Everyone has a different story, different interests, different struggles. And when the ones that accept the Gospel realize that the Gospel can bless some aspect of their life is just amazing to see. I'm stoked to find some solid new investigators from this.
Yeah that's the gyst of it. Over all all is well. Elder Contreras is sweet, I'm getting healthier again, we have gotten 6 investigators to church in the past 2 weeks so we made a lot of progress with them too. I'm loving this. So yeah. Love to hear from all of you! Sounds like everything is well with people. Hopefully it stays that way!
Elder Richards

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