Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Awesome Week!

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Alrighty. Today we had a sweet week. Honestly I'm going to get straight to the stories cause we've got a couple big ones,
Food: I actually started eating oatmeal. Haha I just decided to try it and I loved it.
Hair: I cut my own hair these past two times. Don't worry it turned out not completely hideous.
Stud: Hma. Garcia, So we knocked into this lady and we shared the restoration and she immediately let us come back. She said her husband was going to be there so we invited a member that didn't work at that time named Hma Garcia. I had never seen her before, I had no idea who she was or anything. But we met her at the investigators (Ana y Melito) house. They let us in and we had a pretty good lesson. At the end of everything we bore out testimonies and Hma. Garcia, out of no where (really no where, we were not talking about this in the slightest) bears her testimony and brings up baptisms for the dead. The husband instantly lights up. He apparently for years had been wondering what he could for for his dead relatives. He had always felt he should be able to help them out in some way but had never found or heard anything that told him he could. So he made up his mind he should be able to and since then didn't join any churches because of that. When we explained what that was him and his wife Anna were so excited! 100% inspired. They accepted baptismal dates. And they are pretty solid now. I'm excited about that.
Stud (2): So we show up for a dinner appointment with a less active family. They tell us that we are going to have to wait a little bit cause they invited a friend (less active) and his girl friend (non-member) over to dinner. This was at 7, by the time the friends showed up it was 8, by the time we finished eating it was 845 or so. So we explained to the friends what we do as missionaries and asked if we could share a message. They said sure. The guy, Alex, explained that he was baptised in to the church at age 8 and then that he quickly grew out of it. We shared the restoration with him and his girlfriend. He then explained to us at the end of the lesson, fighting back tears, and explained that we reminded him of everything he used to know, he explained that he is now remember things that his grandma taught him who has since passed away and explained that he wanted to change and come back again. We then explained to the wife some more and talked about the Book of Mormon. We read Moroni 10:3-5 with them. As we then talked about that Alex again explained to us, that his first day at work with the people we were having dinner with, he talked to Ricardo Herrera, our dinner appointment, and Ricardo said that he would somehow get Alex a Book of Mormon. Alex had at that point laughed and brushed it off. But when we handed him the Book of Mormon to read Moroni he remembered that moment. As he explained this to us he gave up fighting back the tears. He was so excited and grateful to his friend Ricardo for inviting them over. Everything was so awesome! Bad part, we stayed out in that lesson until 9:50... VERY AGAINST the rules. Ha we are supposed to be back home by 9:30 at the LATEST, ha we still had to bike back home. So we didn't get back home until like 10:05 or something like that. There was no clock in the room and we just lost track of time. It was all worth it though. He said he would come to church next week without a doubt. He couldn't come this week because of something big but promised us he'd come next week with his girlfriend. It was amazing. So worth every bit of work we've done so far.
So yeah that's mainly it for this week. The time really keeps flying by. I'm never ceased to be amazed at the time and weeks just flying by. Sounds like all is well back home, so that's good. No problems here. The music I got in that package made me anti-trunky. I have a lot of what I was missing before so whats the point of going home? None. Ha it was nice to hear all that. Anyway, Adios.
Elder Richards

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