Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Month Mark

Hey all,

This week was good again too. Zero complaints. OK actually one complaint. I... am not a fan of the weather here. I know I'm in southern California and next to the beach and all but I just miss Utah's changing weather. I have really in the 4 months being here almost only been in ONE kinda rain storm.. Even then we were inside doing studies for that so I didn't even get to feel the rain. Every single day its just the same like 80 degrees out. Ha so that's my biggest complaint which shouldn't even be a complaint.

Other than that all is well! Ha we have 6 investigators with a baptismal date. That will have to change soon but one of them, Yamile, 10 years old, is ready for baptism she just needs to finish moving. So we'll get that figured out soon enough! 

Well, here's the updates:

Pday Activity: I figured out about this sweet game we played on Pday as a zone this past week called scatter ball. Its pretty much free for all war ball. Its so much fun but it gets you so sore. The Sisters in my district said they couldn't even walk down the stairs the next day.

Exchanges: We went on exchanges today cause my comp is the district leader. So I lead out my area. No issues. All went well we did a lot of work. 

Dinners: We were supposed to be fed by this member one night, but she was late and we were in a meeting with a member in the ward. We got out and she wasn't answering her phone. So the member we were with took us out to dinner. We just sat down and ordered when she called and said she had our food. So we ran outside and told her where we were and she came to us. We went to like a neighbor hood and said thanks and all. Then we took our time and walked a different way then went back to our dinner that we had just sat down at. Ha so the whole night we were avoiding the situation. And lets just say that doesn't help my weight issue. 

President Interviews: We had interviews with president this week. That was cool hes such an awesome mission president. He talked about how awesome we were doing and stuff and said he has given me two of his best missionaries and is excited to see what I become later in my mission. So that was cool. 

Yeah that's mainly it. Good solid week, we've got people getting closer to baptisms... this announcement will change a lot eventually. Still doing awesome and don't have any complaints. Love you all!

Elder Richards

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