Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Companion!

So this week was wild. Good but wild.
We Monday night we were biking to our investigators house and we get a text from the Presidents Assistants (the bosses practically.) saying "call us ASAP we need you at the office at 9" We were freaking out and had no clue what we did wrong. Turns out another missionary pretty much screwed up, broke a bunch of rules so his VISA waiter, Elder Afu from Sandy heading to Argentina, was getting transferred to us. It was 3 weeks into the transfer and so its called and Emergency Transfer (ET) which pretty much only happens if someone makes a big mistake. He did nothing wrong it was his trainer. Hes not done with his training so I am officially co-training him with Elder Contreras. Because he's waiting for a VISA he doesn't have a bike so for these 3 weeks minimum we got put in a car. Yeah I'm gaining that weight back and fast. So we are now in a trio, in a car and training again. Nothing to complain about other than the Car. But Elder Afu is sweet. He's half Tongan and half Samoan.
We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders last week. I learned a ton from Elder Arjona. He's straight from Spain and only has 1 transfer left so he knows how to do missionary work. The guy is fantastic and I learned a bunch from him. He always has a positive attitude and I'm not sure if he has ever insulted someone in his life. On accident or in anyway shape or form. He's going to be a General Authority one day. Hes obedient with EXACTNESS. Man the guy is awesome. So yeah I learned a lot from that. I GOT TO DRIVE! Ha on exchanges I was the actual driver cause he had to make a bunch of phone calls and coordinating. Ha driving for the first time in 5 months and on the California free ways and streets was an adventure to say the least. But All was well, it felt so good to drive again. I actually miss that quite a bit.
Um.. yeah.. haha that's pretty much it. Those two things took up a bunch of the week cause all there really was "staging" for the ET, like getting all of Afu's stuff to our apartment complex and getting all his food, getting the car, all that. So we actually didn't "work" a ton this week because of that. Still all is good though. No complaints. I weigh 175 or so... So I'm determined not to gain anymore unless its muscle. Especially now that I'm in a car. I'm going to be working hard every morning and eating properly. I'm forced to do that now... So yeah...
Keep up the emails and all. Its awesome to hear how everyone is. Pictures to come soon! I'm probably going to buy an adapter so I can actually send some of these instead of trying to coordinate it with the East elders to use theirs. so yeah... Thanks..
Elder Richards

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