Monday, July 22, 2013



 District birthday lunch for Elder Gallego. Its missing the South Sisters cause they had to leave early. And its super blury, but ah well.

Activity at a park, the daughter of one of our investigators. She's so dang funny.

My favorite family.

4th of July Fireworks.

My companions.

My last district.

Another cool guy, named Hmo Cacho and his wife Hma Cacho.

My district!

Elder Teuller leaving. He was my first district leader. He was awesome. He's home now too.
Heyo! So yeah, there wasn't a lot that happened this week. Things are still going alright. Here's the highlights:
Exchanges: I went on exchanges again. Elder Contreras loves doing them. But this time I had to sleep on the floor! That was like the longest night ever. I barely, if ever, got to sleep. Then the next day took forever long to because of that.
Church: We got 4 investigators and church last week and 5 this week. So things are going well here! People are so prepared and they are progressing!
Clueless members: So there's some members in an English ward that can barely if even be considered fluent. They are members of the church but are so dang clueless its amazing. They have been through the temple and sealed and the other day they asked us, "So what exactly is it that you all do in temples"... We almost died. She had a notebook in hand and everything. It was the strangest thing.. Haha turns out they don't understand like anything. So we are trying to get them to come to a spanish ward so they will actually understand whats going on.
Genealogy: So I've got some homework for you all. There are a lot of missionaries out here that are related to like Brigham Young, Parley P. Pratt, Isacc Morley, those types of names. But I am wondering who/if I am related to anyone. I know there was a Willard Richards with Joseph Smith at his Marterdom and I remember Grandpa saying going up on his side we have someone that was baptized in 1830.. I'm just wondering who, what's their names, stories.. stuff like that. I also remember dad saying that we had like a letter or something from someone crossing the plains with the Pioneers? I'm just super curious about all that? Could you do some research and let me know?? Thanks!
No seat: So I gave Elder Afu my super comfy seat until he got or gets a new bike or bike seat. He hates being on bike as it is and is way bigger than me so I'm using this tiny uncomfortable seat right now.. haha its something. I'm getting used to it again, but I really miss my old seat. He's not keeping it, but just for a while here. Haha
 Sunday was crazy! There was like a riot or something at the town/city hall thingy. We were walking that day cause Elder Contreras bike is busted. So we were walking and we walked right by this like riot going on about the Police and killing people and stuff. It was so weird. Were not supposed to even be near that stuff so we didn't stay long. But there were policed lined up everywhere just making sure nothing got violent. A couple of them were members apparently and waved to us and asked us how everything was going. It was funny.
So yeah that's the gyst of it today. Sounds good. I'll send pics here!
Elder Richards

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