Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th Transfer

Heyo, decent amount happened this week but at the same time not a lot... Here's the highlights:
Transfers: I have finished another transfer. So I have no finished 4 transfers and am in my 5th. I am currently still with Elder Contreras and Elder Afu (VISA waiting for Argentina) and I am still in the same area. Actually, my district did not change much surprisingly. Our APs love to mess with things but they left a lot of our district the same. Only Hermana Rollins is leaving. Which sucks, shes awesome. We are getting Hermana Corona and the West Hermanas are training another VISA waiter. So we are officially the largest district in the mission with 4 companionship's and 11 missionaries. 3 trios and 1 duo. We had to go to Transfers so I got to see all of the missionaries leaving or getting transferred. So I got pictures with a bunch of them that I liked. I'm excited about that. I got to see my first district leader before he went home, my Zone leader before he bailed, the Hermana in my district that's leaving and the one about to go home. So that was good, now I'll be able to remember them and have pictures of them.
Car/Bike: My companionship was in a car for 3 weeks this last transfer however because of the ET, we were in a car for 3 weeks. Now the mission needs the car back however. So we will be in a bike again. We are a trio on a bike. Haha this should be fun. I don't mind it, I'm actually stoked to be on a bike, its so much better than a car. However Contreras and Afu are freaking mad about it. They were like calling the Zone Leaders and the APs to get us on a bike, but they all said there are no free cars in the entire mission and that is a bike area, so that's how its gonna be. I'm fine, actually quite content about it. Ha it will help me exercise and not gain weight. So yeah, my watch tan line is coming back. :)
Exchanges: With Elder Contreras being the District Leader I go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders about every other week. So I went on some with Elder Arjona last week. The guy is obedient with exactness and pretty much a Saint. I don't think he has ever insulted anyone in his entire life. He just loves and cares about everyone. He is awesome. He only has one transfer left and for this last transfer he got changed to the English Program. So he is no longer our Zone Leader. I'm gonna miss him.
Elder Tidwell: Elder Tidwell showed up at church on Sunday. He came back with all of his family and visited his four wards during 8 days of being down here, going to Disneyland, the beach, visiting old members, stuff like that. So that was cool to be able to see him. I talked to him a little bit but he had to go to a different ward so not to much. He said "real life" is so-so and that the "real life" is on the mission. Ha, his entire family has been so lost every time they go to church cause they don't speak a lick of Spanish. I feel like that will be you guys when going back to visit. Except maybe Parker, he still might know more Spanish than me, who knows.
Over all -  still doing alright. This week kinda plateaued.  I don't have anything to complain about though and I'm not. Spanish continues to come. Poco a poco. I've heard that phrase enough. I'll try to send pictures soon. I've actually got a lot to send now. I'll see if I can get an adapter. Alrighty then. Adios!
Elder Richards

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